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Best Otolaryngologist-(ENT) Doctors in Kanpur

Find the best Otolaryngologist-(ENT) in Kanpur and book confirmed appointments with Easy Token.


An otolaryngologist, or ENT, is a healthcare specialist who treats conditions affecting your ears, nose and throat. They can also perform head and neck surgeries, including surgeries on your ears, mouth, throat, nose, neck and face.

What is an otolaryngologist ?

An otolaryngologist (pronounced “ot-o-lar-en-GA-le-jist”) is a healthcare provider that diagnoses and treats conditions affecting your head and neck. Otolaryngologists offer both nonsurgical and surgical treatments. An otolaryngologist is a doctor who specializes in problems of the head and neck. Otolaryngology is a shortened form of the term otorhinolaryngology, which comes from Greek words for ear (oto), nose (rhino), and throat (laryn).

Otolaryngologists used to focus solely on problems of the ear, nose, and throat. You may still hear them called an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) or ENT doctors. Over the last 50 years, the specialty has expanded to include all structures of the head and neck except for the eyes and brain.

ENT vs. Otolaryngologist

Another name for an otolaryngologist is ENT, which stands for “ear, nose and throat.” Both terms mean the same thing. “ENT” is the more common term, probably because it’s easier to remember. But “otolaryngologist” is the medical term for this type of specialist.

Most otolaryngologists prefer the term “otolaryngologist” because it recognizes that they treat much more than conditions of the ear, nose and throat.

What does an otolaryngologist do ?

An otolaryngologist diagnoses and treats conditions affecting your head and neck. These conditions range from mild (such as a cough and runny nose) to serious (such as head and neck cancer). Because an otolaryngologist treats such a wide range of conditions and diseases, they’re trained to perform both nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

Why would you see an otolaryngologist ?

There are many reasons why someone might need to see an otolaryngologist. Your primary care physician (PCP) may refer you to an otolaryngologist if you develop certain symptoms, including :

What diseases does an ENT diagnose ?

An ENT diagnoses and treats infections and diseases of your ears, nose and throat. But they also treat a wide range of other conditions affecting your head and neck region.

Ear conditions

Otolaryngologists treat ear conditions, including :

Nose conditions

Common nose conditions that otolaryngologists treat include :

Throat conditions

Otolaryngologists also treat throat conditions, including :

Sleep disorders

Otolaryngologists commonly treat sleep-related conditions, including :

Otolaryngologists can surgically treat head and neck tumors (both cancerous and noncancerous). Examples include :

Reasons to See an Otolaryngologist

You’ll generally see your primary care doctor first and be referred to an otolaryngologist. Check with your insurance provider about going directly to an otolaryngologist if you or your child have any of the following symptoms :

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