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Frequently Asked Questions

How I register myself for appointment bookings?
Patient Registration: Go to login/sign in to login yourself and if you are not member yet use click here to fill some basic profile entries to register click Request OTP. Submit your OTP. Your account will be created. Now book your appointment and enjoy the service.
What are we doing?
We (Easytoken.in) provides dedicated online confirm appointment bookings at specialized doctor’s location or hospitals, with our service you can also track your appointment current status to use your precious time in a creative manner.
How many bookings in single sign up?
Easytoken.in provides two confirm bookings from one sign up.
Do you charge any subscription fees for this service?
No, we are not charging any fee yet?
Why people choose Easy Token?
Good questions, Please go to about us section to find best answer.
Why are you listing Doctors on your app, if it is a walk in location/hospital?
We aim to be the one place where patients can find the right doctor as per their need. This is our primary goal and as the second step we help in making your visit happen with ease. If the doctor/location/hospital only has a walk-in facility, we also help patients by displaying the address and phone number for their best conveyance.
what If we book an appointment through you (easytoken.in), do I stand a better chance of getting an appointment?
We tie-ups with doctors / locations / hospital's / digonostic centre's to serve never before experience, relationship or consideration with doctors in this regard as we want to be an Outstanding site for patients. Through easytoken.in, your chances of booking an appointment are the not same as using any other means you can also track current status of appointment's.
Why is easytoken.in providing a free service?
Easytoken.in works for social cause that the best model to help patients to find out the right & best doctors, locations & hospitals.
why Some doctors/locations/hospitals in my area are not listed on easytoken.in? What do I do about it?
We apologize for same if we miss some good medical practitioners, Please request your doctor/location/hospital to visit www.easytoken.in and get listed – it’s completely free! We will be extremely grateful to you for helping us, as will countless other patients!
Do I have to my Appointment ID when visiting a location or hospital for my appointment?
No It is not mandatory to have your appointment ID when you visit at location or hospitals. But it always helps to have your appointment confirmation SMS handy while contacting easytoken.in Support. This will also helps us to assist you faster in case of any queries or issues.

About Us

Easy Token is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. We believe in empowering our users with the most accurate, comprehensive, and curated information and care, enabling them to make better healthcare decisions. We are proud to have the opportunity to give you the smile of your dreams.

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