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Home Doctors in Kanpur Dr. Anushka Tiwari

Dr. Anushka Tiwari

Keshav Puram
Speciality: Hair transplant, facial aesthetic surgery
Qualification: M.D.S Maxillofacial Surgery
Experience: 8,year
Available On-Call
Dr. Anushkha tiwari- Dentist in kalyanpur is a Maxillofacial surgeon located at THE EMPIRE CLINIC keshav puram kalyanpur. She is practicing listed under Hair transplant, facial Aesthetic surgery category.
Empire Clinic is the leader in hair restoration and cosmetic surgeries since 2018. Empire Clinic medical team consists of elite group of cosmetic surgeons and experienced medical staff with very high professional and medical standards. Empire Clinic is directing greater effort into high-quality products, effective advertising and promotional campaigns and better after-sales services. The mission of the Empire Clinic is to serve the people by promoting the safe and ethical practice of the speciality of hair transplantation , stem cell therapy for hair restoration, cosmetic surgery and lasers.

Empire Clinic has a trichologist in every TRICHOLOGY CENTRE of theirs who provides right kind of tricho-active hair products after examining each of the case thoroughly. Empire Clinic Trichology Centre also has a three-fold approach for diagnosis of any hair and scalp problem and it also provides a holistic solution for hair and scalp problems. Empire Clinic Trichology Centre in India specialize in treating hair and scalp problems.

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